"The Magic Formula That Quickly Makes It Possible for You to Lose Weight Fast, Get Healthier and Gain More Energy... All While Living Your Fast-Paced Life!"

Dear Entrepreneurial Woman,

How long have you been trying to lose weight?  You know you would be healthier... more energetic... more attractive... and more of a role model to your family.  You know you yearn to be slimmer... BUT, You Keep Giving Up!

Or, maybe you've actually started numerous times, but for some reason you always cave in and go back to your normal habits.  After all, it's easier to stay the same than it is to change.  You're in a comfortable routine and change actually takes thought and effort... So, You Keep Giving Up!

You've been on a perpetual diet for months (or even years)... You've signed up for every weight-loss program around... You've starved yourself for days on end... You've fasted and meditated and prayed, BUT, You Keep Giving Up!

You've tried many of the EASY techniques... You've tried supplements, pills, surgery, injections, or even the newest laser treatments... but they haven't worked for you.  So, You Keep Giving Up!

You've heard about plenty of diets... low carb, high carb, high protein, the mediterranean, Dr. This and Dr. That... BUT, You Keep Giving Up!

Imagine yourself as an attractive, slim woman who is wearing beautiful form-ftting clothes and is full of energy and self-confidence.

What Would It Be Worth to You to Finally Achieve that Dream?

You could start wearing those form-fitting fashions instead of trying to hide your body with large, baggy clothes.

You could start feeling good about yourself instead of trying to remain unnoticed.

You could start feeling more energetic if you didn't have to drag around those extra pounds.

You could give up the stress and anxiety from always worrying about your weight.

You could start enjoying the benefits of good health and get on the fast track to a long and vital life.

You could start enjoying your life once again. 

 One day focused totally on YOU... virtually!

You will get started on your own healthy eating plan that is guaranteed to make you slim.  As an entrepreneur your health and appearance are the very foundation of your brand.

During this day you will be given the tools and the support to finally begin the process of making your dream of a slim, healthy body your own reality. 

What's Included:

The Mindset Game

I will help you clean out your emotional blockages so you can begin anew.  We will delve into any support systems you may have, and we'll discuss any possible hindrances you may encounter.  We'll use exercises and templates along with plenty of feed-back. Once this is done, you will feel that a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders (and your thighs) and feelings of hope and anticipation will take over.  Ahh, this is going to be fun!

Setting the Stage

We will tackle your kitchen to make it conducive to your weight-loss goals and you will learn some tips and tricks for grocery shopping.

Cook and Prepare

You may have been hoping that this plan would be as easy as taking a pill or getting a shot or a laser treatment.  Unfortunately, it will work much better if you actively participate and plan to fix most of your meals.  But, we will try to make it as easy for you as you want.  We will also discuss what you can eat at restaurants when you are out-of-town or when you are just too busy to put a meal together.

What's Next?

We will look to the future and discuss the next steps you will take after your VIP day.

BONUS #1: A 30-minute follow-up support call (within 10 days of your VIP day) with me to check on your progress.  We can also focus on a specific topic you may be struggling with.  Either way, you will leave this session with clarity, confidence and excitement knowing exactly what to do next to help you move forward in a powerful way.

BONUS #2: Templates and Menus to make it as DONE FOR YOU as possible.

This Virtual VIP Day will be a magical journey where many things are ready to be discovered.  If you're feeling excited and maybe even a little scared then you're ready to say goodbye to the "old" tired and overweight YOU and welcome the new, slim YOU with the Succesfully Slim Experience.

If you have a question, just fill out the "contact me" form. 

You will have full access to Melinda as you go through the program with her via telephone on your scheduled day plus a 30-minute follow-up call ten days after you finish your VIP Day

What you will cover:

-How to quickly eliminate any emotional blocks you may have to changing your lifestyle and losing weight (ladies, this is a simple mindset shift that will give you permission to confidently surge ahead in all areas of your life).
-How to re-organize your kitchen to make your changes easier to do (sometimes, all it takes are a few simple tweaks to experience a surge in results...I'll help you quickly and confidently make those tweaks).
-The ONE simple step you must take to stop your weight gain (this one technique alone will help you quickly begin to lose those pounds).
-The secret to discovering how to make this program really work for you (this is the key that can unlock those mind games you play with yourself when you have attemped to lose weight in the past).
-How to immediately identify the foods you must eat and the foods you must not eat.

-How to seamlessly transition into your new lifestyle, bringing your family along with you.

By the time you complete your Sucessfully-Slim Virtual VIP Day: A Quick Start to Losing Those First 5 Pounds, you'll have everything you need to lose those first 5 pounds within 10 days.  You will also have everything you need to continue losing weight and eating in a healthy manner for many more weeks to come.

WARNING: Not to worry - I've practically done all of the work for you!

We'll walk you through each exciting step, providing you with every form and template you need to choose the perfect eating plan for you.  Think of your investment in the Successfully-Slim Virtual VIP Day Quick Start Weight Loss Program this way: How much is your health worth to you? 

We've made it simple and easy for you to lose those extra pounds.  Remember, by being slim and attractive you will have the self-confidence to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.  So this is an affordable investment that surely makes sense, agreed? I'm sure, after reviewing the amazing quality of content we're including, you can understand this.

If you miss this now, you risk losing time or even your health which you can never reclaim and money you could have made but didn't...you may even be risking the success of your business.

You'll feel relieved, excited and ready to quickly take your business to the next level - now, and for years to come - with this information!

So...Are You Ready to Learn the Magic Formula That Makes It Possible for You to Lose Weight Fast, Get Healthier and Gain More Energy...All While Living Your Normal Fast-Paced Life?



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