January 1st has come and gone and many people have already abandoned their New Year's weight-loss plans.  Is that you?  Do you still want to lose that last 10 pounds?  Or, maybe you have a serious issue and would like to lose 100 pounds.  Either way, you can do it! 

But, you will have to watch out for all the fad diets out there.  The most popular ones now seem to be the high protein - low carb diets.  I think it's because they are easy.  Everyone loves to eat protein even if they don't want to give up their white dinner rolls. 

Other fads are the medical weight loss programs where you can take a pill or get an injection and you lose your appetite so you lose large amounts of weight... until you quit taking the pills or getting the injections.

If you truly want to lose weight by changing your lifestyle and becoming HEALTHIER in the process, you really ought to try a low-fat, plant-based way of eating.  This is not a fad.  This is the way healthy populations around the world have lived and eaten for generations.  For some reason, we have started thinking we should eat what is marketed to us... cupcakes, cinnabuns, chicken nuggets, and double meat burgers with bacon and cheese.  Then we wash it down with 42-oz. soft drinks.

But, it's easy you say.  You just have to drive up to a window and order.  You don't even have to get out of your car.  The food tastes good with all of that salt, fat and sugar, so even your kids will eat it.

You can absolutely learn to LOVE a plant-based diet.  Of course, you can't get that very often at a drive-up window.

You know you are ruining your health and you have certainly enlarged your figure.

What if someone could teach you how to change your lifestyle?  Wouldn't it be worth it to feel good about yourself again?  Wouldn't it be worth it to get off of that cholesterol lowering medication?  Wouldn't it be worth it to get off of that high blood pressure medication?  Wouldn't it be worth it to stay healthy and to be able to continue having tasty, but healthy, meals with your family for many years to come?

This is a lifestyle change that you will be able to continue the rest of your life.  It is not a fad diet that you will bounce in and out of as your weight balloons up and dribbles down before ballooning up again.