Instead of setting a goal to lose 10 pounds (or 20 or even 100), set your goal to become healthy and fit.  It’s much more positive.  You will only set yourself up for failure if you fill your head with visions of the horrible deprivation you will have to go through in order to lose weight.  Why not set yourself up for success by deciding to become healthy and fit and then learning how to do it?

Healthy and fit people have learned how to be healthy.  If you want that lifestyle, you will need to learn the necessary skills and practice them.  While you are learning and practicing those new healthy behaviors, try to surround yourself with other healthy, active, positive people.  It will be much easier for you to be healthy and fit if you are around other people who are healthy and fit.

Instead of going out for every meal, learn to cook.  Start by picking out about eight whole-foods, plant-based recipes that you enjoy. Then master those recipes.  You will be able to eat at home more often and forego the unhealthy temptations found at most restaurants.

Find an activity that you enjoy doing and join a group or grab a buddy to do it with you.  Take tennis lessons, show up at your town’s walking trail, join a hiking group, but be sure you do something active at least five days a week.

Over 80% of the U.S. population is overweight and unfit.  To move into the healthy 20%, you will have to be unconventional and make different choices.  This is why you will do better if you surround yourself with others who are healthy.  Unhealthy people may ridicule your choices and try to get you to eat like them.  They won’t join you for physical activities.  They will make changing your lifestyle difficult for you.
Join a group or get a buddy.  Having accountability and camaraderie will help you stay on the positive, healthy track you say you want.  Don’t wait until you have a stroke or a heart attack.  Don’t wait until you are diagnosed with diabetes or cancer.  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Just START NOW!
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